Q5 Hi there~ I'm new to the work of Kenji Miyazawa. I was wondering if there exist any essays that discuss the similarities between him and St. Francis of Assisi? Many thanks! (Daniele Boucher)

Ans. [1]

    [1] philip (Tue, 27 Oct 1998)

    Hello Daniele I was very interested by your inquiry, because it made me reflect for the first time on the similarities between Kenji Miyazawa and St.Francois de Assisi, and in particular between two of their most famous works which I use for daily inspiration. I'm sure you're already familiar with them, and they may be the reason you made the connection between these two great souls, but if not, please refer to Miyazawa's poem "November 3" and St. F's prayer starting "Lord, make me an instrument of your peace." In both, the author(?) hopes to become a source of courage and comfort to all those in need wherever they may be.