Humor in Kenji's Stories

Many of Kenji's stories are rich in humorous imagery that captures the reader's heart. He fuses novel elements to create delightful images: an "oven" cat who is in the habit of sleeping inside the earthen cooking stove, a raccoon dog who doesn't wash his face, a peculiar postcard written in a clumsy hand that arrives for a little boy, Ichiro, from Wildcat, and frogs who like to gaze at the clouds.
The humor in Kenji's stories encompasses a multiplicity of styles. The oven cat in The Cat Office is both funny and sad. Silly humor intermingles with eeriness in The Spider, the Slug, and the Raccoon. In Taneli Certainly Seemed to Be Chewing All Day Long, little Taneli still can't talk very intelligibly, but he is full of curiosity, and his nonsensical songs and humorous exchanges with trees, birds, and his mother make for an amusing tale.

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