Kenji the Social Reformer

Another side of Kenji is that of a social reformer who aspired to create a new kind of farming community. Kenji left his position as instructor at Hanamaki Agriculture School in 1926 to establish the Rasu Farmers Association. At the detached house of his family, where he was staying at the time, Kenji gathered together a group of youths from farming families in the community and lectured to them on agronomy and other subjects. The association also engaged in plays, music, and other cultural activities. Nearby were the fields Kenji cultivated and worked at this period of his life. The Polano Plaza is one of the stories that reflects this side of Kenji.
Kenji expresses the vision he poured into the Rasu Farmers Association in a section of An Outline of the Essential Art of the Peasant, entitled "The Rise of the Art of the Peasant: Why We Must Develop Our Own Art" (The Complete Works of Miyazawa Kenji (10) , Chikuma Bunko)
In olden days our fathers, though they had little, lived cheerful lives
They had their arts and their religion
Now we find ourselves with only our labor, a necessity of our survival
Religion has lost its meaning and modern science takes its place
But science is cold and dreary
The arts are gone from us and have been corrupted
Goodness and beauty are monopolized and sold by artists and men of religion
We have neither the means to buy nor a need of these things
Let us set out anew on the proper road and create our own beauty
Burn away the dull grayness of our labor with art
Here is everyday found a noble and delightful creation
City dwellers, come join with us
Humankind, receive these purely intentioned sons of the soil

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